About Us

Founded in 1995, Nottingham Communications is a leading research and consulting firm renowned for unsurpassed intelligence gathering. We help organizations dependent on understanding the North American Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry, adapt grow, and shape their future, by using our leading-edge research, analysis, reports and publications covering services and equipment – most notably for the wireless, TV and Internet market segments.

What separates us are several, key differentiating factors:

  • The power of our business network, allowing us access to connected individuals at the highest level
  • Our ability to analyze information, resulting in meaningful insights into competitors’ weaknesses and threats; industry shifts and opportunities
  • Our focus on what is uncertain about the future rather than what is predictable, enabling us to highlight opportunities and vulnerabilities that are less likely to emerge in conventional analytical/consulting interventions

Our experts merge their years of accumulated experience, strategic understanding and insights, together with our network of thought leaders and visionaries; thus enabling our clients to address their most critical, short and long-term challenges.